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PROPOSED ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX, jabi Abuja. (400l architectural design studio 2013)

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This design project, developed in fulfillment of the ABU’s (Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria) Bachelors of Science (Architecture) requirements is approached from the standpoint of an architect-developer and features a building design. The Entertainment complex project is composed of six floors which comprises of commercial spaces such as shops, cinemas, lounges, a banking hall, pharmacy etc. The development works at uniting social and environmental values.

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I designed Diy’s Entertainment Complex with a futuristic approach to enable it stand the test of time. Diy’s Entertainment Complex is conceived with an idea of masterpiece for affluence, comfort, and elegance away from the busy and noisy environment of the city center. Fully endowed with social amenities, giving it the full required facilities to be called a world class entertainment center.

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