4 Bedroom Bungalow

3D View 2 copy3D View 2

What could be more alluring, more fulfilling than perching in your dream home?!.

“Eesh Home”  is a combination of beauty, class and comfort; its layout is carefully planned and classically designed. Its investment prospects is enormous. Relatively affordable, this design which contains all the features of a modern home offers a complete elegant lifestyle‎ to its residents.

4bedroom bungalow Project1 - Sheet - A102 - Unnamed4bedroom bungalow Project1 - Sheet - A103 - Unnamed

floor plan

The principal bedroom (master bedroom) is luxurious with a well situated lounge, cross-ventilation and adequate natural lighting, quite exquisite design.

4bedroom bungalow Project1 - Sheet - A104 - Unnamed 4bedroom bungalow Project1 - Sheet - A105 - Unnamed


3D View 1b copy 3D View 1b  3D View 3 copyre

3D Perspectives.


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  1. beautiful floor plan. I need one like this


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